1. This is how you measure a penis

    > To know whether you meet the standard, it is first of all important to measure the length of the penis properly. You do this by measuring it at the top (belly side) in both flaccid...

    SELF CONFIDENCE Women over 40 have a lot of life experience. They know a marriage, a divorce, already have children… They know that they should not wait for a ‘prince in shining armor’ but go hunting...
  3. Nylons a sensual experience

    NYLONS A SENSUAL EXPERIENCE Whether you find nylons practical, feel sexy in them, or perhaps both, women and their stockings have been inseparable for decades. One thing they definitely have in common: they feel “Oh-so-Sexy-and-super-Feminine” in...
  4. From Kinky to Kinky’er

    From Kinky to Kinky’er If one always plays it safe, one often leads a life full of dullness and little satisfaction. Maybe it’s time to color outside the lines by confronting yourself with your own boundaries...
  5. Sexy carrots!

    Sexy carrots! And then suddenly that fat carrot in the fruit and vegetable department is very exciting, very exciting … are we eating carrots tonight? At the most appropriate or inappropriate times, anyone’s sane brain can...

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