Nylons a sensual experience


Whether you find nylons practical, feel sexy in them, or perhaps both, women and their stockings have been inseparable for decades. One thing they definitely have in common: they feel “Oh-so-Sexy-and-super-Feminine” in them!


Nylons have long been a luxury product. Until affordable and sophisticated nylon stockings came on the market in the 1950s, which were admittedly still reserved for “dressier moments. They were marketed under the aptly named “Bas Dimanche,” Sunday stockings. When nylons became so established that they were worn daily, the name of the brand was shortened to Dim.



Long legs are sexy and by wearing the right clothes combined with high heels, women know how to accentuate this. Legs are the shortcuts to the partner’s erogenous, and stockings lead the gaze irresistibly up along the legs, into the hidden, especially if there is a seam at the back.
The band at the end of the stocking is like a boundary which one may cross and the other may not. This is a major reason why stockings are considered more erotic than tights that completely close off the genitals.
A significant color constitute black stockings, it symbolizes a sinful but exciting lady and it contrasts perfectly with white skin. White silk stockings are associated with purity and virginity.


fine fabric

Nylon stockings give women just that little bit of mystery, sensuality, elegance, sexual appeal, added charm, feminine touch and dignity. Nylons are the elegant answer to everyday stockings. The fine fabric glides through hands, over skin, and not only the ladies are convinced of that. Nylons are worn with pleasure and flair.
Real nylon stockings, when combined with the right clothing and lingerie, add a personal touch to any silhouette. This promotes a sense of femininity, one behaves more confidently, loots differently, and one is aware of being a woman. Nylons have left an indelible mark on the fashion scene of the 21st century that has rarely been surpassed.


Still two main currents can be distinguished.

  • Fully Fashioned Nylons
  • These nylons are non-elastic and manufactured completely on the fit of the leg and will never twist around the leg when properly sized. It consists of 100% nylon and is knitted flat. The sewing together creates a rolled seam at the back, the “elegant line. They give a distinct look and elegance.- Reinforced Heel and Toe Nylons (RHT)
  • This is the successor to the Fully Fashioned model and has a reinforced heel and toe area. These stockings are round knit which gives them some stretch. The elegant back leg seam that adds cachet to the leg disappears with this model.


Stockings have one major disadvantage over tights, they can sag. There are some ways to hold up stockings and prevent them from sagging.

  • Garter belt: It is a practical way is to hold up the stockings with this and gives an erotic touch.
  • Garter: It is an elastic thigh band that is slipped over the top end of the stocking and keeps it clamped against the leg. Only left as a show element at weddings.
  • Stay-ups: These modern stockings feature a silicone non-slip band to ensure that the stocking stays in place. While this is generally a good way to keep the stockings on, there is no clear sizing. Depending on the brand and type, they may be either too tight or too loose.


Self-holding stockings “stay ups – hold up’s” are back in fashion. Even though they are virtually invisible to wear, they are sensual and sexy, intriguing and seductive while undressing. And the danger of sagging may make them even more attractive. Or is it?
Here are some tips to avoid it.

  • Do not use body lotion or cream on the legs when wearing stay-ups, it reduces the grip of the silicone band on the skin.
  • Go for stockings with as wide a silicone band as possible, the surface area increases and so does the adhesive surface.
  • Choose the right size, it is important that the silicone band around the thigh is not too wide and falls in the right place on the thigh. Buy one and wear the stay-ups at home first to evaluate them, then venture out for a night out or at work.
  • Go to a specialty store, there are show models that one may try on and ask for advice.
  • Choose quality, go for the better brands.


last a long time

Wearing stockings, and especially putting them on, does require a bit of technique; the stockings should be rolled up first (preferably with cotton gloves on) and then carefully unrolled up over the leg, keeping any seam straight. Then the nylon stockings can be pushed further up with flat hands and attached to the suspender. This way, the risk of ladders is minimal.

Provided properly treated, stockings and tights can last quite a long time. Lotions, oils and ointments affect the material of the stockings.
It is best to wash them in lukewarm water with a non-synthetic detergent, such as liquid green soap or a special detergent for stockings. This keeps the nylon thread flexible and significantly increases the durability of the stocking. The stockings should be rinsed with water after washing to remove soap residue. Do not wring to avoid wire breakage. Better to roll the stockings dry in a towel.


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