Sexy carrots!

Dildos available in store or online are the safest objects for vaginal or anal penetration, they have been tested and verified for shape, materials, sterility and firmness. And sometimes these dildos can suddenly turn out to be boring.

This may be due to how or why people used them until now. Was it used because one was alone, is the foreplay always the same, or is the build-up to orgasm often repetitively similar? In short, a dildo that has become boring usually ends up in the back of the closet and people start looking for a new model. The search for a new toy is very exciting in itself… Dildos and sex toys remain the safest choices.

Sexy carrots!

And then suddenly that fat carrot in the fruit and vegetable department is very exciting, very exciting … are we eating carrots tonight?

Absolutely normal
At the most appropriate or inappropriate times, anyone’s sane brain can suddenly see an object as a potential dildo. It’s a pure innocent fantasy, sometimes worth trying, sometimes it stays with a fantasy. This does not fall under the category of “fetishism” but rather a form of personal erotic out-of-the-box novelties that give a very arousing feeling and can already be a prelude to what comes later.

Anyone can suddenly have these fantasies, in the middle of a boring meeting, while shopping, watching television, exercising, …

It is often assumed that the strongest sex organ in a woman is the brain, her fantasies and this also applies to many men. Many scientific studies have already been done into the connection between certain parts of the brain (such as the amygdala, hippocampus and the amount of blood supply), our libido or sexual stimulation, but there is not yet an unequivocal conclusion in which all scientists agree. It is true that it is our brain that puts us in the right mood, that plays with us and makes us curious to try new things, sometimes slightly more perverted than the usual . So it is absolutely normal to see a phallus or potential dildo in objects.

Object in the vagina or anus

erotic stimulation
AEveryday objects, which can have a phallus shape in whole or in part and can make the fantasies run wild, are also ideal for innocently arousing each other via chat. Sending , or receiving a message , which seems very innocent in itself … but raises the temperature between 2 people.

The most well-known everyday objects that are used as an alternative dildo are of course hard fruits and vegetables such as the carrot, cucumber, zucchini, eggplant, ginger root and banana. Other items such as ice cubes, toothbrushes, hairbrush handles, makeup brushes, screwdrivers, tennis rackets, baseball bats, and candles are also popular.

For many, the visual idea of an object in the vagina or anus is also very stimulating. It’s something different, something out of the ordinary and exciting. Also the structure of the object, touching it with the fantasies in mind can become very exciting… and magically transform everyday things into erotic stimulation.

When the fantasy becomes reality, there are a number of things to watch out for to avoid accidents.

When the fantasy becomes reality, there are a number of things to watch out for to avoid accidents.


In contrast to the smooth clean dildos, it is extremely important to clean the objects extra thoroughly. They can contain invisible dirt, bacteria or, in the case of vegetables/fruit, sugars and juices that can lead to irritation, infections and fungi. Preferably use items that have already been purchased and that are cleaned extra with soap and water or the known cleaning products for sex toys. Vegetables and fruit are used thoroughly washed, raw, some peeled, others not. The “bio” label is no guarantee of safe penetrative use. Use natural lubricants or better yet, a condom.

No sharp edges

the human body is not made to be penetrated by a sharp object. Make sure all edges are nice and softly rounded. It is best to let ice cubes melt a little in your hands to prevent sharp edges and frostbites. Vegetables can be trimmed and with a little imagination shape the right phallus.

What goes in must go out

A common problem is the breaking off of an object, leaving a part in the body. Bananas and candles can break down quickly, especially in a fiery game, but so can all other fruits and vegetables. On the other hand, it can be difficult to retrieve certain objects from the body because of their shape. If the sphincter muscle becomes cramped or painful, and there is a bulge in the object such as the end of a bat, this can become a pain or an unsolvable problem. Objects that break off or cannot be removed will result in an admission to the hospital emergency department. Only the ice cubes may melt away gently…

Objects that cannot be used under any circumstances, no matter how exciting the fantasy, are

objects made of glass or hard plastic that can break, such as lamps, bottles, etc.
Hollow objects that suck themselves into a vacuum during play, such as bottles or half-open tubes, …
Objects or greetings with a rough surface, ridges or holes, these can still contain dirt. If you still want to play with it, ALWAYS use a condom.
Foods that contain a lot of sugar can unbalance the acidity in the vagina, resulting in yeast infections.
Soft objects, these can partly break off.
All of the above items can increase the risk of the game ending with an emergency room visit, in a very embarrassing way.

Whatever you are going to use, no matter how exciting it is, use your common sense.

In short, the next time you go shopping, take a look around , let your imagination run wild… and make it a solid xxx that evening.


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