Touching Women


Getting turned on and feeling horny. They are pleasurable feelings that you can make even more passionate by stimulating your body at the same time. Touching yourself intimately is a good way to get to know your body, and at the same time it is also very tasty and satisfying.

Take all the time
One learns it at a young age and for another woman it is still a big secret: how should you masturbate, and how do you achieve an orgasm? If it works in one way, can it be done differently? Even if you already have some experience, you may be able to try out new techniques, or adopt a different attitude to make it even more fun and exciting.
Before you start, it is advisable to make some preparations. Take your time and make sure that you cannot be disturbed in the first instance. Turn off your cell phone and take it off the hook. Make sure the environment is nice and warm, with nice music and atmospheric lighting possible with some candles, possibly some incense or aromatic scents.


Hand like a bowle
Discover what pleases you and enjoy your rich imagination. Explore with your hands and fingers: caress your labia, gently touch your clitoris. Sometimes you have to pull back the skin of your labia to reveal the clitoris. Most women do not like direct contact with the clitoris, which can be very sensitive. Wet your fingers with saliva and then brush over them, varying the pressure of your finger. Play with the shape of your hand, let your middle finger do most of the work.

If your clitoris is very sensitive, you can distribute the pressure a bit more with the palm of your hand. You can also place your hand like a cup over the entire clitoral area and let it vibrate. Also try baby or massage oil to make your vagina and clitoris nice and slippery. Only use an oil (not a cream) that you are sure will not irritate the skin. Also vary in attitude and try to discover what feels best for you. On your back with your knees pulled up, or on your side with one leg straight and one leg raised, or even lying on your stomach. Stroking breasts, thighs and mounds of venus can also be tasty and very stimulating during masturbation.
You can also experiment with masturbating in the shower. Aim the shower spray at the vagina and clitoris. Move the beam gently and rhythmically over your clitoris. If you have a bath, it is nice to lie comfortably in the warm water to caress yourself. It’s relaxing and you can let yourself go.


Wonderful massage oil
To get to know your body better, use a hand mirror or a large mirror on a stand. Place the mirror against a cushion and sit comfortably in front of it. What do you actually look like down there? And maybe this is also a great opportunity to carefully trim the hair a bit, or shave it into a nice model. Pamper yourself with delicious massage oil and iron it especially on the freshly shaved parts, massage it in nicely.


Keep rhythm
Once you are comfortable with giving a solo massage and your fingers know their way between the labia, clitoris and venus mound, it is time for the next step. Increasing the intensity to an orgasm.
Start by massaging your labia and slowly move towards the clitoris. Gently slide the skin around the clitoris back and forth. Develop regular but light pressure on the clitoris, focusing on the areas immediately adjacent to the clitoris. Massage and press at a higher speed those spots that you like best. That will be different for everyone. For one person that is directly on the clitoris, for the other it is just around it, or covering the clitoris with skin and stimulating it.
When you feel more arousal, your clitoris becomes extra sensitive, perhaps too sensitive to touch directly. Then move the pressure a little further away from the clitoris, work the area around it, but keep the rhythm. At some point you will feel a wave of heat go through you: the pre-orgasmic heat wave. It is important to continue stimulation now. The orgasm itself usually follows soon after the heat wave. Continue until the orgasm is completely over.


Fantasies and dreams
Inducing an orgasm is not just technique. Excitement arises when you are thinking about sex. There are women who can only come through their fantasy, without touching themselves. Make sure your mind is engaged in sex. A fantasy that stimulates, an erotic story or a clip that excites you can very well contribute to it. You probably have a wonderful memory of a moment that made you horny. Focus on your thoughts, fantasies and dreams. Look at exciting pictures or imagine that the hand you caress is not your own hand, but that of an imaginary handsome man or girl. Think of a moment from the past, an exciting film fragment, or fantasize an erotic story yourself.


  • Massaging, rubbing, caressing, stroking the clitoris. You can touch your clitoris directly or right next to it. You can also caress and rub the skin above the clit.


  • Massage, rub or caress in combination with one or two fingers in your vagina. Also try to insert your fingers into your vagina from behind.
  • ‘Riding’ against a cushion or other soft object. Often this is how young girls discover masturbation. A chair or sofa backrest, duvet, pillow, leg of your partner, you can think of anything for this.
  • Thighs pressed together, possibly with a pillow in between. Think of a wild story and let your fingers help.
  • With the shower head or other jet of water.
  • Making all kinds of objects move against your clitoris.
  • A vibrator or other specially made toys.
  • An electric toothbrush is a nice piece of ‘tool’.


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