When it comes to relationships and about who or what is beautiful and sexy, people often have the idea that the limit has been reached once one is 40. Forty has long been called the new thirty. Moreover, women of this age have qualities that a twenty-something or thirty-something does not have.

Why do men often go for younger women? Youth, looks, energy, vitality, playfulness? However, women over forty have qualities that are compelling and very attractive to the male audience….


Own beauty
Women over 40 have a lot of life experience. They know a marriage, a divorce, already have children…

They know that they should not wait for a ‘prince in shining armor’ but go hunting themselves. They know what they want and they also feel great about themselves. They know their worth and know their own beauty, they will not adjust to a man anymore.

They have also learned from their previous relationships how to find the right balance.


Indirect approach
Young women are less likely to fiercely defend themselves. Women over 40 rarely make that mistake.

No more passive aggressiveness, or an indirect approach where the man has to guess at her feelings and then be surprised when she suddenly explodes.

If something isn’t right, they tell you right away. Afterwards everything is immediately cake and egg.


Women over 40 have often taken matters into their own hands to end a relationship. Once they’ve done that, they don’t want to get stuck in another bad relationship again. And they don’t want a man to be unhappy either.

She will give herself and her partner enough space to be themselves.


Love and sex
A person who takes care of themselves physically, mentally and emotionally is extremely sexy. She is also no longer concerned with what others think about love and sex, but does what feels right for herself.

It is very liberating for her and she can just be herself. They immediately tell you what they expect and create the space to be open and honest. This means that an interesting connection can usually be made on different levels.

This can be intellectual, friendship or naughtiness… There is always something.”


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